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Buying or Selling “As Is” Property

Many real estate contracts these days contain “as is” clauses. The term “as is” is a signal that the seller makes no warranty as to the condition of the property and intends to make no repairs to the property prior to or after closing. It also often means that the seller will give no credits […]

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Which Home Improvements Are the Most Important?

Which home improvements are the most important? There is a seemingly endless list of potential renovations that any home could use, but only a small set of them really make sense in most cases. As I say about any major decision about your home, it all starts with thinking clearly about your long-term plans for […]

Housing Options for Older Adults | My NC Homes | Durham Chapel Hill NC

Housing Options for Older Adults

Housing options for older adults are plentiful these days, thanks in part to a number of advances in technology. The aging population has created a huge swell in demand for universal design. Contrary to popular belief, accessible homes are not just for handicapped or disabled individuals. Newer construction is trending toward greater flexibility and adaptability. […]

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Early in Larry Tollen's real estate career he realized there was only one answer when buying or selling a home. "Money. Sellers want to know how much they can get and buyers want to know how much they're going to have to pay." With over 1,200 transactions throughout his 25-year career, Larry attributes his success to a keen focus on market data, in-depth knowledge of his specialty area, and a strategic approach to pricing.

"I have always been what's commonly referred to as a people-person", says Larry. "The best part of my job is that it satisfies my natural interest in people. Here in the Triangle I am continually fascinated by the people I meet in my day to day business... Read More!