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Is Buying a Home in As-Is Condition a Good Idea?

Real estate transactions are often fraught with minefields for both buyers and sellers. Purchasing a home in as-is condition is one of those things that is poorly understood, especially for new or inexperienced buyers. Listing a home in as-is condition may be of benefit to the seller, but it’s going to cost in terms of […]

Best Places to Learn about North Carolina Schools

  Although most real estate agents have the gift of gab, we are actually restricted by law on some subjects. There are some things we cannot talk about due to the Fair Housing Act. Off-limits topics consist mostly of demographical information, but the majority of agents avoid addressing the quality of the local schools as […]

First Day of School

First Day of School Baby!

It’s every parents favorite time of year, you know what it is, it’s the first day of school. I can’t wait until Monday when I will get up early and run into my kids rooms and start screaming, “First Day of School Baby!” This has been a tradition in our house since kindergarten. My kids […]